#68 || Rose Kind ||

Poetry month:- Day22

Picture by Nono Radke! Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/nono.radke/

An excerpt from heart:-

Like the rose keeping the guard up- Pushing people away, lingering within the own circle of self made solitude.

But; it becomes hard at times. In clear words it becomes self consuming. There’s a maze like thought process that rises within. You know the saddest part? People don’t understand they never will(so why should you bring your guard down?)

And then; you are right back into that deep pit slowly wilting. Time flies by (of-course) and you gather up adapting to a stronger version of self.

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#67 || Unsavory ||

Poetry month:- Day19


HOPE! it’s the in between. To most of us it seems pretty optimistic but well well well agree with me or not DOUBTS do burn in the subconscious. And that’s why my friend hope can be a paradox at times .

It is distasteful, when we consider different scenarios. There are confusions that lies within, which we are not ready to accept. And it can be self consuming.

But then life goes on… We can’t stop hoping or dreaming right? There can be self doubts but the trick here is always check yourself, maintain transparency with self. That’s how things will proceed for the best.

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#66 Dandelion story!

Poetry month:- Day16

Picture source:- pinterest

Excerpt from heart:-

Dandelions are so pretty to look at: fragile yet so effortless. They are free just like my spirit within: UNSTOPPABLE.

Wayward along with the wind I search for you. They take me in infinite directions; directions which I call destiny: for I believe it will definitely trace your soul.

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#64 Decoding memories!

“Memories striving for roots are constantly breaking, simultaneously gathering.” ­čŹâ

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Memories cannot be controlled; be it good or bad. Each time we reminiscence there’s this sudden rush of nostalgia or a rush of agony that wants us to go back to the start.

I feel memory is a cycle. That has it’s very own formation which is instant when somebody is making them. Nobody knows the end. A good memory can turn into a nightmare, a remembrance forever and so on…. That’s why memories do fight for their own roots(as said above) they constantly break and simultaneously gather. They are a puzzle, you choose what you feel.

#63 P A R T S

Instagram:- amrutakar._Poetry month:- Day9

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#60 Transparency~”

How we are never aware of these little sufferings of life?

How we are never sure of the fact,  when change will counteract on us?

I mean it’s all an illusion.


Maybe no one said us or maybe we never wanted to.

If we were made aware of these small little doses of reality, we sure would have led a life full of transparency with less negativity.

Poetry month:-  Day21