#66 Dandelion story!

Poetry month:- Day16

Picture source:- pinterest

Excerpt from heart:-

Dandelions are so pretty to look at: fragile yet so effortless. They are free just like my spirit within: UNSTOPPABLE.

Wayward along with the wind I search for you. They take me in infinite directions; directions which I call destiny: for I believe it will definitely trace your soul.

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#60 Transparency~”

How we are never aware of these little sufferings of life?

How we are never sure of the fact,  when change will counteract on us?

I mean it’s all an illusion.


Maybe no one said us or maybe we never wanted to.

If we were made aware of these small little doses of reality, we sure would have led a life full of transparency with less negativity.

Poetry month:-  Day21 

#55 Uncanny!

This poetry is a token of dedication to readers who are madly in love.

P.S:- People in long-distance relationship will totally relate. 

Happy reading.

Poetry month:- Day11