#16 Counterfeit



#14 The other girl~”


What about those who don’t have a successful love life? What about those who fall in love with a guy who is committed??? Those girls get a tag of other girl.
Well this happens a lots of time when a guy knows that a girl loves him somewhere inside they care for her, they talk with her and do all kinds of actions which melts the girl. But if their friends ask them..why do you talk and care about that girl when you already have a girlfriend???
The guy’s answer:- No it’s her who is desperate after me…I’m very happy with my girl and I love her. So basically the guy protects his girl and very shrewdly insults the girl who’s in love with him.
And at the end it’s the girl who is blame and gets a tag of “the other girl”.

Well ,to all my readers this article is written from a girl’s point of view and I know there are many boys who must have got into this kind of problem.